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Gentle Boldness...

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
4:39 pm - a thingy...

Name: Naomi Rebecca Nye

Instrument: Vocals... hopefully more in the near future!

Favorite Movies: A WALK TO REMEMBER!, uh.. more...

What music do you listen to? lots, classical, ballady type stuff, contemporary, rock, heave metal, rap, punk rock, swing, gospel, oh yah..lots

If you could live in any time period, when would it be? probably 50's or something

If you could invite anyone in the world to a dinner party (dead or living) who would you have come? Jesus, and more people that i don't feel like listing 'em all

What would you eat? good chinese food, and cheesecake, and salad!

Who has inspired you? Nick, Ricky, Tammy Trent, lots more...

Who are your heroes in real life? Jesus, my daddy, my mommy

Favorite Color: red, black... it changes all the time

Biggest Fear: not leaving behind the legacy that i want to leave behind

Biggest Joy: doing what i feel like i should do

#1 Book to Recommend: The Bible


What profession would you like to attempt? well... i'd like to be a singer...hmm... performer on like broadway or something. i'd also like to be some sort of director, of like some sort of event, or a dance company... hard to explain

Who are your two favorite sisters? how about Kaitlyn and Lindsey! lol

Favorite Word: i'm not sure 

Least Favorite Word:  but

What really excites you? when someone i really admire or look up to says hi to me, lol..i kno it's silly

What drains you? too much school

What sound do you love? rain, music, wind

What sound do you hate?  alarm clocks, wining voices, bad singers/harmonies

What hobbies do you have? performing, writing, thinking up ideas, day dreaming

What keeps you up at night? me making up stories in my head

What is your idea of perfect happiness? fulfilling all my hopes and dreams for life.

What trait do you deplore in yourself? i dunno

What do you dislike most about your appearance? ummm... a couple

What is your greatest extravagance? i'm not sure

What is your current state of mind? lol... i'm bored.. i wanna go to youth group... but it's not til wednesday!

What do you consider your greatest achievement? i'm working on it

What is your most treasured possession? my notebooks, my BIBLE,

What is your most marked characteristic?if only i knew... somebody tell me!?

Favorite Writers: idk

Life Scripture: jeremiah 29:11,  1 timothy 4:12, psalm 56:8, and ezekial 37:1-14

How does God speak to you? through his word, through other people, through my head

Who challenges you spiritually? family, close friends, yg leaders

What is your motto? umm.. think about all that you do and say, and how it will have an impact in the long-run 

Were you an odd child…tell us about that? i sucked my thumb constantly and said Yockivee... that's about it

What is the most worthless fact you know? idk

What question do you have most about something in the Bible? how is forever? ..umm...more

What are your first memories of your sisters? making up plays, putting together veggie tales songs, and being dared to do real stupid things... and doing them!

What were early home videos like for your family? the girls putting on plays, and doing veggie tales songs, dad making ethan do the macarana, lindsey saying "what's that" and "where's 'piggit'?" in the most adorable fashion, me doing some funny things w/o knowing it, kait wanting lots of attention, ethan being a doll... mom either behind the camera, or hiding from it

Fun Facts on My Sisters: 

well, ehan used to like her so much that he thought she must be a boy, she always tried to make a fool of lindsey and i by making us do crazy things and thinking we would be cool to her(example: going outside naked w/ our underwear on our heads). she liked to get me in trouble(example: she scratched my name on the door with a nail, so it would look like i did it!!) she has big ambitions...like way big. and somehow i think she's gonna do lots of them.


well now, lindsey liked to get into trouble, literally get INto trouble. like get stuck in cabinets and ice skate on vaseline. yah. now she's getting older, she's kind of emo, nobody likes me. but she can be lots of fun(when she stops being gross), and she's wicked smart, too

lol i got that off of kait's myspace...yah


current mood: bored

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Saturday, November 26th, 2005
4:48 pm - :)
i'm in a good moood... i'll admit i actually like the snow!! it's great! i just had a good time chillin w/ hillary. Christmas is so near, and winter wonderlandiness is here! lol. so yah... taht's what's around w/ me.

current mood: hahaha

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Friday, November 18th, 2005
7:25 pm - my bands website is up and kind of running...

look ...my band's website is up! check it out! it's still being worked on...



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6:26 pm - ummm..

i'm so weird since lastnight...lol. i don't understand. i really feel like listening to paul alan...but idon't know where he went:(. lol.



GAH! i'm really fruserated with myself. this is not fun.



"have a little hope on me... nothing else in life is sweet"


oh...i'm gonna go now,


current mood: confused... or something

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
9:59 pm - i wish people could be happy sometimes
I just wish people could choose to forget about their troubles for a little while... and try and foucs on the good stuff. just for a little while... or something. it can be such a sad place sometimes.

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
12:16 am - haha... "naomi needs"
lol...i'm doing this cuz zoe said to. and i just saw hers and it's funny lol... i just searched "naomi needs" on google... and yeah this is some of the things it said..lol pretty funny...

Naomi needs to be able to read an article and summarize the issues
Naomi needs
support to learn appropriate ways of getting attention from the adults
Naomi Needs Nurturing
Naomi needs to go toe to toe with her own
Naomi needs
somebody to lean on
Naomi needs you
Naomi needs lots of love
Naomi needs a list of titles of the Florida Newspapers
Naomi needs better advice
Naomi needs a wake-up call
Naomi needs her beauty rest
Naomi needs a good slap(lol)

haha... i didn't make any up:-p

current mood: amused

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Monday, November 14th, 2005
11:37 pm
okay...lol one paper down, 4 to go. lol. it's 11:30... i wouldn't be extremely surprised if I didn't go to bed at all tonight. I think I can get the science paper, and the 2 ancient history papers in the car ride and study tomorrow morning. it's the pow that I'm really worried about. I guess I'll have to do it without a solution if I can't figure it out.
teaching for kait went pretty good. i miss necpac:-/. I miss mrs. scott, and sr. company. I feel like I don't know all of them anymore. But really I feel like I don't know anyone anymore... just 'cause I see school people sooo much more than everyone else. This is hard adjusting to... but God's got his reasons... someday it'll all piece together perfectly in His plan. So... it's worth it.


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12:35 pm - The joy of the Lord is my strength

I can't believe I forgot to get extensions for my homework. I was gone in connecticut from thursday til saturday night, than sunday i had church, than band practice, than Bible studay. i realized at Bible study that i have 5 pretty big papers to write for today! And one of them was a writeup for my pow. But i also realized tha thow i'd been doing the pow wasn't right. so i also had to redo the whole problem. got home at 10:30 lastnight... went right to bed and worked on the pow. i wasn't getting anywhere... finally at 12:30 i went down to get help from dad... but he couldn't get anywhere either. So mom said that i could stay home today, and get all that work done today. than kait got sick lastnight... so now i'm teaching dance for her today. and of course lastnight after i realized all that i had to get done, we were riding home from the Raymonds and mom told us that Grandpa has cancer! So this is all crazy for me right now. Thank God that his cancer the doctor's said he doesn't have to worry about, he'll get surgery in may... and he should be fine. but i'd imagine he's pretty shaken up, cuz he went a whole day just knowing that he had cancer... but he didn't know that it was non agressive until the next day. So i really hope that this is a door for him to let God in.




current mood: stressed

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
6:55 am - I wish school wasn't so far away

I'm missing school today...ugh... just so I can go to youth group. And it was my idea, but I just wish i wasn't missing school so much, but it's so hard cuz it's so far away...and i can't just get out early. I'm missing today, 'cause i just HAD to go to youth group... i couldn't have missed it, just cuz the time i spend w/ those people is so important to me right now. and Kait had to be there at 5:30... because the highschoolers are going to a relient k and mxpx concert... and i don't get home til 5:30-6... and then Church is a half hour away from home... so mom would have to bring me after she brought kait, and it would be too much driving. and I can't just go home early, cuz it's too far away! OH well, I don't think there'll be too much i'll miss. but I'm really glad that I'm goin to youth group!!! and I think I'll be there for a long time...from like 5:30-9ish... I'm soo glad. I hope I'll be able to talk to Nick a little bit during that time. I got up early this morning...and after i eat and whatnot, i'm gonna get ready like i'm going somewhere and be productive...do lotsa homework and whatnot... yah! not too fun, but I don't wanna have a lazy do nothing sleep all day kinda day. I feel so crappy when i do that... :-/. lol... I don't know why i do this live journal... i don't think anyone looks at it...oh well. I'll just do it for myself...it's all good.

i'm off

current mood: productive or something

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Monday, October 24th, 2005
6:28 pm

Saturday night was fun! the band and Zach and Ashley came over to make chili/hangout... and it was loads of fun! Sunday church was awesome!!! It was so sad though... well, i'll start with tuesday someone from our church died... he was only 46 or something... but during worship his wife was there, and they did I Can Only Imagine... and then they should pictures of Joe, the man who died... and his wife went up to the altar type thing and knelt down...and she was just crying, then Mr. Brown, and othr people went over and hugged her, and were praying with her, and she was just crying and i was like right near her and i could just hear her crying... and I was crying. I didn't even know Joe, but it was so sad to see her. And it reminded me of when Uncle Eric died... and I can only imagine... it was really sad. So right after church was the chili cookoff! It was loads of fun. there was like 25 chilis!! it was so much fun hanging out w/ the band, and the 4 fams, and Marc & Danielle, and Nick, and all those amazing people. and out of all those 25 chilis... we won!!!! It was so awesome...lol... we were so happy. It was so much fun. So I had a pretty good weekend.

Today school was pretty good, we had quite a workout in taequando... it was pretty cool. then I actually did good on my POW!! it was quite a relief. and Paul said my paper for science looked really good!...he didn't actually read it, but glanced at it...and that was a major relief that he said it looked good...cuz man i was frustrated with that paper, as you saw in a previous journal entry. So today wasn't bad, except that i had a headache and my stomache was a little weird.. but hey, whatever it happens. well, I'll write later.




current mood: not bad

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Friday, October 21st, 2005
4:35 pm

just got back from school, and for some odd reason the house was empty when I got back, i don't remember mom saying she was goin anywhere. hmmm... oh well. I'm sooooo glad it's the weekend!!!! Today school was pretttyy good. taekwando(sp?) was fun! lol... we did kicking like the whole time. it was so cool, bagheera and me... than some of the higher belts got to kick some really high ones. Bagheera and I kicked up to 6'3! The higher belts got up to like 7'8, and 7'10... it was awesome! lol... i'm basically the smallest one in that class... so when Zach was holding the thing we were kicking, and the higher ranks wanted to go higher... I got on his shoulders and held it... man were my arms tired. lol. It was fun, tho. I'm so glad school's over for the weekend, but i'm not really lookin forward to the rest of the day,  i have to do homework and clean. I'm gonna go now, and eat, than do all that other fun stuff.




current mood: busy

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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
8:30 pm

Right now I'm just trying to avoid doing my homework that I really don't want to do, because it's mainly this long paper that i have to write for science, and i really dislike science cause i really don't get any of it, and i feel stupid cause everyone else in my class is just about brilliant, and i'm definitely not when it comes to science, so yeh, i really don't want to do that right now. lol...talk about run on sentences. gah! this is frusterating. okay, breathe in breathe out... stop complaining. Let's see uh... youth group was good lastnight! I wish it was longer, I love being with those people. I can't wait til Saturday, no more school... and the band'll be coming over to make chili... fun, fun, fun! The chili cookoff is gonna be sooo nice, being w/ those people soo long, even after Church! lol... I went into the bathroom today, and there was this huge spider on the floor. I practically screamed... I made lindsey come in and kill it and flush it down the toilet. lol...I despise spiders, and that was the biggest live one i'd ever seen. scary. I did the other part of my homework in the barn, I had the big door upstairs open, and i just sat right next to it and did my reading and some writing stuff. It was nice being up there, just looking out onto the neighborhood. And of course I had my music blasting. so... I'm gonna go now and attempt to write that paper. :-/. 



current mood: frustrated

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4:23 pm

I didn't go to school today, 'cause i really needed sleep, and i have to clean and whatnot cuz the bands commin over Saturday to make chili for the chili cookoff(or billy bakeoff)!! yay..lol. I'm talking to 5 people online right now.. ah! They're all pretty cool though, Sarah, Ariel, Josh, Rachel, and Mariel. I have to go soon, i wanna go in the barn and do my homework... then come and clean up this dump. I can't wait for this school week to be over!!! WEll, I'm super hungry, so i'll be off now.


current mood: not too bad...

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
8:04 pm - first entry!
This is my first entry... since my last lj profile...forever ago. and now i have to go.


current mood: hopeful

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